Ensuring Better Outcomes

DevOp3 = Developer Options1 + Development Opportunities2 + Development Operations3

Our purpose is to drive great OUTCOMES by assisting developers and investors in the understanding that all aspects of the development process are connected and will be affected - it is better to ensure a more seamless, lower risk, profitable result.

Our approach is to remove the often, unnecessary frustration, anxiety, and financial loss caused by current protective 'silo' thinking. The following explains HOW ....

DevOp3 is a customer-centric business focused on sourcing development opportunities and implementing solutions for our key clients. Our experience is vast and our connections widespread - understanding the key to success is strategic integration and controlled orchestration of each component of the property development process.

Our 3 offers for property development enables and interweaves all the elements for participants to benefit regardless of whether it is for a single service or complete project or ongoing business building through to the exit - we all benefit:


  Focuses on your Project First  ⇒  Designed to get your project on track & keep it profitable.


  Focuses on Connecting the Right People  ⇒  You are only as good as the people around you.


  Focuses on your Business First  ⇒  Designed to take your business to new levels to exit later.

DevOp3 is owned and led by two highly motivated, experienced business people with a driving need to provide a much better, more effective solution to the current property industry norm.

Sebastian Muscolino is an experienced property development manager and licensed real estate agent and Steve Purser is entrenched in strategy for projects, business, marketing, exit and more - each having many, many years of experience.

Both saw the need to combine their expertise to leverage the current market specialist silo situation and orchestrate a more complete service where win-win-win offerings are available.

The duo are supported by access to specialist industry professionals - all passionate and keenly interested to ensure good deals stack-up firstly, to then enable delivery of the same in a timely, cost-efficient manner, all to market expectations.

DevOp3 is a very different business model than most - it collectively leverages the power and expertise of 2 consultancy companies, bringing together 2 silos to orchestrate upscaled value from the existing marketplace - why re-invent the wheel when there are many perfectly good wheels already available just waiting for the right opportunity - connecting the right people for the right reasons.

DevOp3 also draws on industry peers and market research to develop appropriate strategic and tactical decisions. We seek a diverse range of views and commentary from various industry leaders through our 'HEXtable' program for online education, event exposure and private consult. (Available soon)

Working with our REFERRAL PARTNERS
Unlike others, we can attribute our success to working with all three (3) key stakeholder interests in the sales process:    1) Buyers    2) Sellers    3) Referral Partners

Our mandate is to work towards a better big picture to enable successful projects by removing common conflict within the real estate industry enabling our buyers and sellers access to a broad range of properties - both on and off-market.

This is achieved through our popular 'Referral Partner Program' that enables many real estate agents, consultants, and other influential industry participants, who also share our values of collaboration to desired outcome.  Ask about our 'Exclusive-Open Listing' arrangement.

DevOp3 also has a desire to create opportunities that may not normally be obvious or available - particularly where equity is scarce. Where required, we aim to match and facilitate the various technical skills and capital resources of our network for a common goal. This includes bringing together:
   1) Developers    2) Investors / Capital Partners    3) Other JV Partners (building contractors, etc)

START with the END in MIND - From Funding to End-stock Sales
We also recognize the critical nature of funding and so we have aligned ourselves with specialist development lenders and brokers to help facilitate this aspect of the project. Similarly, we have access to various sales teams and channel partners to help sell your end stock product, including finance packages to suit.

DevOp3 can co-ordinate the marketing and selling of your end stock as a manager, enlisting suitable real estate agents via our 'Exclusive-Open' concept.

We recommend, to minimize risk, considering the funding and the end-stock sales right at the beginning, even before purchasing the land site because all aspects of a project are connected and affected. Have your complete strategy carefully thought out and in place before looking for your next site.