Broader Network Access

Value of People and Opportunity - Focusing on Connecting the Right People to achieve the Best Outcomes.

"You are only as good as the people around you!"

Calling on good, reliable and motivated people from our network is pivotal to our approach of removing or simplifying the current level of 'silo' based pressure decision making prevalent within the real estate and property development industries. A great project or business is only as good as the Team performing.

How we can assist your project and/or your business:

  • 01  Referral Partner Program: Connecting people for a specific outcome (eg: site sales)

  • 02  Partner Profile Building: Increasing the value & leverage of your profile in the marketplace

  • 03  HEXtable Program: Peer Power via online, in events & in your business (Coming Soon)

So, depending on your project needs, we can source and manage all development participants including but not limited to architects, town planners, financiers, capital partners, building contractors, market researchers at the pre-purchase / due diligence phase as well as later in a post settlement phase should you proceed.

Let us assist you determine who is best suited to your proposed project before you start it - giving your project the best chance to succeed.