Project Accelerator

Improving the project build process - Focusing on your project first - Designed to keep your project on track and profitable.

"Always build with a planned end in mind!"

DevOp3 understands the need to offer both opportunities and end-to-end solutions - not just procuring sites - this only being the start of the development phase.Accordingly, we have assembled the necessary skills and competencies, and with our strategic alliances, can provide access to a wide range of industry professionals from project concept-to-completion.

How we can assist your project:

  • 01  Individual Tasks: Quick project assessment or Feasos, Contract Check, Risk Mitigation, etc

  • 02  Do It For YOU: Development Management Services, Project Management or Partners-in-Property

  • 03  Teach YOU How: Consultation / Workshops / Training

At the various critical stages of design and delivery of a project, we can assist by implementing simple yet effective value-management techniques to anticipate and prevent problems before they occur, or where inevitable, help solve the same.

So, depending on your project needs, we can source and manage all development participants including but not limited to architects, town planners, financiers, capital partners, building contractors, market researchers at the pre-purchase / due diligence phase as well as later in a post settlement phase should you proceed.

Let us assist you determine the viability, or otherwise, of your proposed project before you acquire it - giving your project the best chance to succeed.